Wednesday, April 16, 2008


At the house we live in now we have a whole backyard full of pine trees, but only two really big ones. When the builder cleared the lot, they left the back 1/4 of the lot fully wooded. Then they took out almost all of the rest, except for two HUGE pines that sort of anchor our backyard (one on each side right in the middle of the grass).

Sam was looking at one of these trees last week and noticed that in a scraped up area near the bottom there were about a million ANTS! They had found a weak spot in the tree and moved themselves on in, destroying the tree from the inside out.

It had to come down.

There were two challenges in taking down this tree.

1. Not injuring anyone.

2. Not having any part of the tree land on the house or the shop.

Sam was succesful in both of the challenges. He invited his dad to help him and earlier this week they cut down the tree. I didn't take many pictures after the one below because I was trying to keep my children safely inside the house.

But look'll see that Sam has crawled up into the tree (with his chainsaw!), way past the top of the ladder, to remove the top part first. That was the hardest part and once it was down the rest went pretty quickly.

Thank you Lord for keeping my husband safe in all that he does!!!!


~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Bless Sam's dad's heart for being such a great dad and helping out. I wish Dave and his dad had a good relationship. I do thank the Lord that Dave has my dad and the two have done many jobs together.

So glad Sam was safe!

Grace said...

I love the last picture! I'm glad everyone was safe!