Monday, April 21, 2008

Pictures from the weekend...

Bridget's tooth! And she had a second one come in this last week too. It's right beside the first one (front and center, bottom). I realize you probably can't see it in the picture, but I wanted to show y'all how cooperative she was being in showing her teeth for pictures! :) Here's the progress on our house! Great, huh? We were so excited to see that they have started the second level. I'm sure this week will be incredible to watch!
Sam taught Jonah how to flip me off at soccer on Saturday.
Ha! Actually Jonah was just fooling around with his hands and came up with this. He showed Sam and Sam told him, "Let Mommy take a picture of your hand!"
Sam dressed Bridget for the early morning soccer game. The outfit he picked was great. The funny part was that he found it to be cold enough for her to wear a hat, but warm enough for her to wear a short sleeved t-shirt. Cracked me up!
And I'll finish with just a cute picture of my boys at the new house!

It really was a fun weekend...Sam wasn't traveling and we really enjoyed having him around. He got to be at Henry's soccer game and church (two things I usually attend alone) and we had a date night with a new couple and we even had lunch at a friend's house after church on Sunday. Good times!


Grace said...
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Grace said...

I can SEE them...well, one tooth at least. She's a CUTIE!

What a busy weekend. Fun, fun, fun!

Oh my goodness, they've done a lot of work on your house. How exciting!

I love it when my husband dresses the kiddos. It's quite amusing. ;)

Love the picture of the boys.

Andrea said...

Bridget's tooth is very cute.

They've done alot of work on the house! Its going to go by fast.

Heidi Jo said...

it is so exciting to watch the house going up! i remember those days.

that first picture of bridget is divine.

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

You guys must just be loving watching the house go up. I've never had a new house and don't quite know what that's like, but I'm sure excited for you!

Even Jonah with the naughty finger is too cute. You can't go wrong with your three darlin's.

By the way, I've not come into any big money yet, but you will be the first too know when and if it happens...just in case Sam was wondering. ;)

Just Mom said...

You need to feed Bridget more often. It looks as if she's taking a bite out of the stroller. ;-D

Kim said...

Did Lisa just say, "YA'LL"??????