Monday, January 31, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays

Already it's the end of January, and I can't believe how beautiful the weather has been around here! Sunshine always makes my heart happy, and it's been 65-70 degrees it! More and more to be thankful for...
18. polka dot couch pillows
19. deer antlers that little boys found at the park (such a treasure!)
20. riding bikes at the nature preserve
21. visiting the zoo in January
22. memories of Aunt Sue and summer days in her front yard
23. happy moments caught by the quick snap of my camera
24. telling stories by a roaring campfire
25. little ones running through the dark woods, being chased by 'bears' (their Dads)
26. playing tennis with Sam in the winter...and sweating
27. an animated 5 year old story teller
28. sitting on a log playing the telephone game with my littlest two
29. Bridget's bike bell ring-ringing through the nature trail
30. high school girl's community group starting tonight...and a faithful friend to help with it!
31. blog books, five years of memories and pictures bound into beautiful books
32. the feeling of Elmer's glue between my fingers
33. Sam's pile of dead trees, vines and leaves, still smoldering after two days
34. too many books waiting for me to read


Alisa said...

Love the list, Lisa. What a beautiful, wonderful life.

Simone said...

you follow ann voskamp too?! you're the coolest neighbor i've ever had. :D