Sunday, January 30, 2011

Raisin the Flag

Yesterday I took Jonah and Bridget to the park to ride bikes.

On the way there, Jonah told me that his friend Blake had a cub scout activity that afternoon. There were going to raise the flag, and Jo Jo wanted to know what that meant.

I explained that they would be placing a flag up on a flag pole somewhere. I was a little confused why he would ask...I had heard Blake tell him that they were raising the flag today, and the term seems a little self-explanatory to me.

Of course, sometimes I forget that this is Jonah I'm dealing with. He proceeded to explain to me that he thought 'raisin' the flag meant to decorate a flag with raisins, and he was mostly wondering if they used glue or how they got the raisins onto the flag.

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Journey said...

oh the joys of raising a child in the South! That is hilarious! But you've gotta give the child some credit- he's been led to believe twinkies grow on trees, after all. Raisins on flags could, therefore, be entirely possible :)